Gourmet Market

All the typical products of Spain in your home

A unique show of flavors

The Deli is a parallel show to the gastronomic feast of the remaining rooms of the restaurant.
In that place we can find all kinds of hams and sausages, among which the acorn-fed 5J from the Dehesa Cordobesa, cantimpalo chorizo, sausage from Vic, black pudding from Burgos, cheeses from all Iberian regions, cow cheese such as tetilla, from goat like Murcia to wine and sheep like Manchego from different cures.
Cabrales, Idiazabal, Iberian. Variety of breads, Galician, French, wholemeal, ciabatta.
In these attractive showcases you will find everything you need to cook paellas: mythical Calasparra brand rice, Carmencita brand spices, Aneto brand paella broths, Magefesa paella pans of different sizes and materials, El Cid brand burners and tripods.
You will also find the whole variety of Spanish preserves: Ortiz Products, el Navarrico, Ostargi, Coquet, Rosara, Miguel and Valentino, Matiz, El Maragato, Cuca, and many and many more.
And you cannot miss the appetizing sweets and nougat from Jijona, Alicante, egg yolks, marzipan, chocolates and Valor bonbons.
And how can we forget in those attractive showcases at the Deli, the products we grew up with, which invite us to close our eyes and let their tastes transport us to unforgettable moments such as Colacao, Nocilla, Horchata Chufi or dreaming of the gentleman of the sad figure.